Refund Policy

Terms & Condition


Having accepted our terms and conditions at registration, you will be assigned an overseas address with your own unique identification number in Florida. You can then ship your packages/cargos to this address at any time and await their arrival in Jamaica for delivery/pickup. 

Be careful to enter the address accurately so as to prevent wrong delivery.

By signing up with KKB’S Shipping you have authorized our agent(s) to act on your behalf for customs clearance of packages/cargos. 


Once your packages/cargos have reached our warehouse in Florida, you will receive an update as well as subsequent updates to inform you of its progress and readiness for delivery/pickup. This could be within three (3) to six (6) business days for air freight and up to twelve business (12) days for sea freight providing that there’s no delay beyond our control such as acts of nature or otherwise of which you will be reliably informed. 

You can easily manage your account online by uploading your invoices, tracking your packages, reviewing your balance and more.

All packages/cargos must be paid for in full on or before delivery/pickup. 


Payments can be made via online transfers to KKB’S Shipping & Taxi Services via Scotiabank account numbers:

Recipient Type: Business

Branch Transit: 81505

JMD: Account #: 000845280

Account Type: Savings


Via Lynk Application using code DC9E5F or barcode 


Bearers can pick up packages on behalf of account holders but the account holder must inform KKB’S Shipping via email/whatsapp messaging prior to delivery/pickup and he/she must present an acceptable identification and the “package available for pickup” email.

Shopping online with KKB’S Shipping Dual Currency Card

Not able to make a purchase online? No worries! We got you. You can make your online purchases with our dual currency debit card whether in office or in the comforts of your home at a rate of 8% of the cost of your order. The conditions are (1) payment MUST be made to our account on or before completion of the transaction and (2) non-cash payments must be seen in our accounts before the transaction is done.  Note that this service is only done with trusted websites. 


Delivery is available at an additional cost when using Zipmail and are subjected to the terms and conditions of The Jamaica Post. Delivery will also be arranged with customers in St Mary at specific locations convenient to you and us.

Uncollected Packages

Packages will be kept in our storage for a grace period of fourteen (14) days effective from the day you were notified of its availability for pick up. If packages/cargos are not picked up at the end of the grace period, a daily rate of $300 will be applied to your account for storage fees from the fifteenth (15th) day up to the thirtieth (30th) day. After which, the package/cargo will be disposed of by KKB’S Shipping in order to recover the cost associated with your package.


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